Welcome! Eat Tastie is a plant-based dessert company in Surrey. We hand craft everything from raw. vegan artisanal Chocolates, to Cheesecakes and Treats and yes all raw vegan.

Why Raw Vegan? Well we love to recieve the maximum nutrition from all of our food, thats why take the time to take our ingredeints through processes such as soaking the nuts to provide easier digestion! 

We’re here to re-define the dessert industry.


So what’s the story?

The founder Aimee, started Eat Tastie with the intention to share the connection to blissful and life enhancing desserts she’d found in connection after studying as a Raw Vegan Chef and experimenting with raw dessert creations, This business allows the sharing of these experiences to all that look for them!

We hope to provide you with life enhancing moments of bliss.

Please send us an email with any questions to aimee@eat-tastie.co.uk

Share your dessert experiences and tag us @eat.tastie